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You can choose to do it either in Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal or in the conflict zones like Syria, Palestine, and Yemen


Humanitarian Aid For The World

We are no superheroes nor robin hood. We are just a bunch of volunteer enthusiasts who are passionate about helping people. Where they are and who they are do not matter. All that matter is they are in misery and they need to get back on their feet.

Beyond the borders, overlooking the skin colour and traversing the cultures; we are born and always ready to serve.

Current Causes

  • Al- I’tisam Disaster Fund

  • Al-I’tisam Children Education Fund

    As the popular saying goes, “Today’s children are tomorrow’s leader”. Education is their passport to the future. Help us groom our future leaders through this fund. Education is no trivial iss

  • Children Sponsorship Program

    A statistic conducted by the Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics shows that at least 2.7% of the Palestine children are orphaned as of 2010 as the result of the war. Please lend a helping hand by s

  • Clean Water Project

    If water is the essence of life, then you can imagine how much more important CLEAN water is. Some poor places do not have access to clean water, this is where we come into action! With as low as RM75

  • Food Aid

    Do you remember the feelings of going home to see hot food served on your table?  Exactly. Deliver the same happiness to those less unfortunate people. Furthermore, food has always been at the base o

  • Humanitarian Mission

    Malaysia, Cambodia, Yemen, Palestine, Acheh, Syria

  • Qurbani & Aqiqah

    Palestine, Cambodia, India, Syria, Macedonia, Bangladesh & Burma

  • Vision Care

    Not only eyes are the window to your soul, they are also the window to the outside world. Through wear and tear, they can be debilitated and (almost) always, glasses are the ultimate solution. Let’s

How can you help us?



Take a moment to go through our list of causes and help us in any way you can. Even a small donation could mean the world for them.



Be creative and think of a way to raise fund in your local community. The money raised will then be donated to the cause of your choice!



We also provide the platform for volunteers to do various activities such as humanitarian mission across borders, visiting refugees and so on



We have been helped by many kind-hearted people who shared our enthusiasm along the way. The contribution can be for the needy and also can be for our organization to keep moving.


Check out where your donation goes; latest program, project, charity event, humanitarian mission etc


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Noraini Ridzuan

Nothing happens in this world coincidentally.  Everything is planned by the Almighty Allah.  Same goes to my volunteering works with Al-I'tisam Relief Program (ARP).  Being part of their volunteer team gives me satisfaction, and it's like a supplement to the soul.  Easy to work with them as no complicated processes involved.  The directions/instructions are clearly explained from top to bottom.  And the best part is, we enjoyed every moment. When our heart says it, just follow the instinct, and we'll never regret in the end. 

Muzammeer Mansor

Joining Al-I’tisam Relief Program as a volunteer is one of the most meaningful thing I have ever done in my life. Al-I’tisam is an NGO full of integrity and is very committed in executing projects. Seeing the smiles of the people that you helped is a great satisfaction for me. I hope Al-I’tisam will grow more in the future and continues helping the unfortunates.

Aniq Ruzaien Abd Harith

I feel that I am truly blessed to be given an opportunity to serve as a volunteer for Al’Itisam. The experiences that I have gained are very rewarding as we are working in a totally different environment at Cambodia. It was a very beautiful journey. My volunteering experience with Al-I'tisam has opened my eyes on what is volunteering is all about. I think everyone should give themselves an opportunity to join volunteering activity and see how it goes. I strongly believe that after you have gone through all the hardships, you will love it and you will always want to do more and join more volunteering activities.

Mukhtar Usman

My name is Mukhtar Usman and I am from Cambodia. I usually help coordinating Misi Prihatin Kemboja from here. As someone who grew up here, I can see all the difficulties and hardships faced by muslims in Cambodia. So when I heard that Al-I’tisam is coming here to help us, I feel elated and decided to be of some help. I hope Al-I’tisam can achieve more in the future.

Siti Khadijah Hassan Berseri

Alhamdulillah I was given a chance to join the Misi Banjir Pantai Timur 2017 with Al-I’tisam. It was such a blessing to me. Throughout the mission, I am impressed by the team work and program management shown by Cik Maziiana and the other volunteers. They were efficient in every aspect while handling the mission.  To add to that, I am also very impressed by their method of distribution of the aid. The aid was given to the unfortunate families by hand and this gave us the opportunity to talk and and to comfort them. Human touch, that’s what they call it. I’m grateful for this experience and I hope Al-I’tisam will continue doing this charitable work.

Luqman Rifae

The opportunity to do charity work is one of the most excited moments in my life. Helping other people gives me satisfaction. I am determined to give it my best even before the mission start. I want to be useful for others. When I was distributing the aid, every smiles that was given to me really gives me happiness. I feel sad when the mission ended and I hope I can continue doing charity work.

Mohamad Nabil Iman b Mohamed Sadullah

I'm very grateful for being given the opportunity to join Al-I'tisam as a volunteer. There are so many new things and valuable experience I got when I was volunteering for the Save Yemen project. One of them was being able to get the first hand witness of the struggle and hardships faces by the Yemenis to get basic necessities such as food and water.  I started to ask my self, they are my brothers, do I want to see them starve to death? This is the most unforgetable moment. Thank you Al-I'tisam. I hope that this mission can be continued and get even more support from fellow Malaysians.

Kemal S.K

When I met the representatives of Al-I’tisam, I noticed that this is a serious organization that knows what it wants and have clear plans for its goals and how to achieve them. They came to Macedonia and at that time I was sick and I didn’t go on the field. There were over 50,000 refugees in Idomeni, while in Macedonia we have about 2000 refugees held in detention camps.They have visited the camps in Macedonia and identified the refugees’ need. The first meeting with them confirmed everything that I knew about them. The organization was ready and eager to carry out its plans. I forgot my sickness and decided to go with them to Idomeni.We started exactly knowing how long we need to work there and what we need to take with us. I was so impressed how they handled the food distribution process because in a place such as Idomeni it is difficult to handle the crowd. Mohd Shah's smiling face lined up the refugees at meal time in the camp so everyone could get a food package.He was one of the most remarkable people I've ever met and it was my honor to know him and to be an Al-I’tisam’s volunteer.  I ask Allah to reward them the greatest reward for their work they do around the world by helping those who are in need.


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